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Keep in mind Mom's 2nd rule for achieving success: Walk softly and carry a big shtick.

The numbers on this page are useful in obtaining both information about your career and in  protecting yourself in what is arguably the most competitive business in the world. They are also valuable in networking with your fellow professionals, which is essential for building a solid foundation for a career

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Networking Opportunities -- Important Numbers (Some of the names and numbers are hopelessly out of date. Hey, it's not our fault. The organizations are often a bit lax about letting the media know when things change with their group.)

If yours is an important number or you know of an important number in the Southeast U.S. not listed here, please let us know of it. We do not list numbers for production companies (yet) or other "for profit" operations.

         Information/Job Leads:

Actors' Equity Auditions:
(South Florida)                   954/421-2777
(Orlando)                              407/345-9322
Disney Audition Line:       407/397-3299

FL Atty General, Consumer Unit  (Miami):        305/377-5619
FL Dept of Prof Regulation  (Tallahassee):       800/342-7940
FL Institute of Film Education (Tallahassee):   850/414-8301

North Carolina Production Hotline:            800/232-9227
South Carolina Production Hotline:            803/737-3022
Busch Gardens Auditions:                             813/987-5164
Georgia 24-Hr Newsline:                                 404/656-6497
Miami-Dade Film Hotline:                                 305/375-3348
Texas Film Commission Hotline:                   512/463-7799
Universal Studios Hotline:                               407/363-8080
Alliance Film & Video Coop/Media Arts:       305/538-8242

         Important organizations and contacts:

Actors Equity (Orlando)                           407/345-8600
AFTRA              (Orlando)                           407/354-2230
                           (Miami)                                305/652-4824
American Fed of Musicians   (Miami)     305/919-7010
Am Women in Radio & TV
     (Orlando)                                            407/645-2222
     (Tampa)                                                813/289-9355
     (Florida)                                                954/927-3338
     (NYC)                                                     800/356-3754
FL Motion Picture & Television
Assoc (Carol Ferrill-State Pres)           321/632-7488
FL Prof Theat Assoc (West Palm)        407/848-6231
Hollywood Screen Parents (CA)           818/955-6510
     (Florida)                                                   800/423-6477

Ind Producers of Palm Beach Cnty                 407/622-9058
Nat'l Right to Work Legal Def Foundation     800/336-3600
Screen Actors Guild
     (Miami)                                                                305/670-7677
     (Orlando)                                                            407/649-3100
United Scenic Artists Loc 829 (Miami)             305/596-4772
Women In Film & Video/Atlanta                         404/352-1379
Women In Film (Orlando)                                      407/293-1741
WOMPI (Miami Beach)                                           305/864-3377
Writers Guild of America, East (NY)                   212/767-7800
Writers Guild of America, West (LA)                   310/550-1000
To reach a Congressman or US Senator         800/522-6721

To contact Florida's professionally staffed
Film Office:
The Governor's Office of Film & Entertainment
Susan Albershardt, Film Commissioner
The Capitol, Suite 2002
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Toll Free number is (877) 352-3456
Website is

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With contacts like these, how can you go wrong?