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The Florida Blue Sheet is a fabulously successful, extremely witty, phenominally sagaceous, 20 page  entertainment industry tradeletter that comes to you compliments of the U.S. Postal Service and NOT over the internet. It focuses on getting work for entertainment industry production professionals in the South, especially but not exclusively in Florida. It is also designed to be a gateway for those desiring to enter the entertainment profession in any capacity. It tells you where the work is. It reveals the movers & shakers and tells you what they are moving and shaking. It showcases professional accomplishments in front of the camera and behind it, onstage or backstage, on mike or on the control board. It connects writers with markets
The Blue Sheet was founded by Star Net,  Inc., a Florida corporation, Feb 20, 1990. It's first issue was published March 25, 1990, and it has published continuously, 22 issues each and every year,  since that date, without interruption.
Publisher of the Florida Blue Sheet is Gersh Morningstar, raconteur, bon vivant, all round splendid chap, who's entertainment industry background covers more than 60 years and encompasses, acting, writing, directing, and producing for theater, film, television, radio, and print, ushering and whining a lot. He is an authority on the industry and for several years wrote for EMMY Magazine and Television & Families Magazine. He was, at that time regarded as one of the foremost broadcasting futurists in the world. His English renditions of such operettas as The Gypsy Baron, Die Fledermaus, and Merry Widow are performed throughout the English speaking world. He has authored, co-authored,  ghosted or edited 38 non-fiction books. He has appeared in more than 1500 TV commercials, more than 500 stage plays, musicals, operas, and operettas, several feature films, more than 200 television shows, and voiced thousands of radio spots. He has made every mistake it is possible to make in show business at least twice. (There's one he has made four times. Don't ask.)
Carolanne Morningstar is the company's president and Chief Executive Officer. She comes from a background of dance and modeling, is a career accountant and former controller for a $40 million a year book manufacturer.
Janet Ritchie is our ace reporter, poet lariat (she ropes in readers with her snappy words on handsome plaques). She is also the trading queen of the universe who scatters production studios around the landscape rather like Johnny Appleseed scatttered apple trees. At any rate, if something is going on in the business, she'll find out about it if anyone can.
Kevin Gieb is our utility infielder who knows more about new and old movies than most people you'll ever run into. He's a screenwriter (quite a good one actually.) He worked for several studios in Hollywood and writes our movie reviews for us.
Jeff Cooper is our point man who fights the fight to get Florida Films made. He present quest is getting a state constitutional amendment passed that puts a 2 cent surtax placed on all entertainment tickets sold in the state. If he approaches you with a petition, do be a dear and sign it.
Mali Shantz-Feld is our Adjunct Editor and everyone's absolutely indispensible right hand She is a highly skilled and creative writer, and the Company's in-house Jewish mother, kvetching all the time, thank goodness.
Therre are lots more who make the whole thing work. In fact, The Blue Sheet is supported by more than 100 stringers and blabbermouths in locations throughtout the South.

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